Sentencing Council rides to the Beeb’s rescue

by ANDREW ALLISON on MAY 19, 2016 · 
The BBC’s tentacles extend far and wide – and not only in broadcasting and journalism. Now the Sentencing Council has been infiltrated. It is reported in today’s Daily Mail that those who fail to buy a TV licence, but instead choose to spend their money on subscriptions to other services such as Sky, face […]

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Axe the TV Tax responds to the Government’s White Paper on the future of the BBC

by ANDREW ALLISON on MAY 13, 2016 · 

The deal announced yesterday was more than the BBC could have wished for. It appears that both the Government and the BBC have their heads in the sand. It is incredible that in 2016 the Government still thinks this is the best way to fund a national broadcaster. The Government still thinks it is appropriate […]

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